you are witnessing the great server serpent slithering past. The big snaker, the snakeyboi always chasing after its own tail. Can you sense it as it rushes trough the fibers we buried under our streets in lightspeed ?
It dives trough the depth of the sea, crawls trough the internals of the earth and it might even elevate beyond the rim of the planet's atmosphere. I doesn't stop for neither oceans nor mountains and only few borders can actually hold it.
You dont need to raise you head to the sky or the horizon to witness its greatness, its colossal size. The serpent lies right under your fingertips, in your phone, in your computer. Routers, cables, modems, Antennas. The Snakes habitat comes in many shapes. Each piece of hardware is but a little entrance into its lair which is as wide as the planet. It is bigger than you in many ways yet it only follows requests made by humans.
These mentioned powerful devices not only allow you to observe but also give you the power to follow its trail, traveling faster than any vehicle known to humankind.
Connect yourself and request its presence. The Snake lives only trough connection. The day it can't connect anymore might be the last.
But Jest for this day hasn't arrived yet and so today you may take the ride around the globe.
You dont understand ?
Fear not! Just ride with the serpent for a while and your questions will be answered..